About Hustle+Grow

Thanks so much for joining us on Hustle+Grow!

Brian Adoff, Mummer

In the 2016 Philadelphia Mummer’s Parade.
Yeah, I’m a bird.

I’m Brian Adoff and I started Hustle+Grow to create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs (initially in the Philly region) who are relentless about growing their businesses.

I’m also the co-founder of a small, but growing tech business where I’m responsible for not only the day-to-day operations, but like most startup founders—making sure money is continuously coming in the door!

When you’re the one wearing all the hats I found it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that without cash flow you won’t have a business for very long.

Sales are everything to a new business (any business for that matter). I found that most first-time entrepreneurs I meet could benefit from learning some of the foundational sales and marketing principles and strategies that their oftentimes larger competitors are using. I also thought there could be a better place for entrepreneurs to gather and share what specific tactics have or haven’t worked for them.

That’s why I created Hustle+Grow.

Hustle+Grow is more than simply another networking group to pass out business cards. H+G strives to build a community where we get to know each other’s businesses, provide accountability for one another, and share helpful knowledge that we’ve collectively gained. A major component to H+G is also education. At each structured meetup I include a segment dedicated to educational content that provides actionable advice.

I’m inspired by the many great entrepreneurs this city already has and hoping to help inspire and educate the next batch of great entrepreneurs.

I hope you can join us either in person, on our Facebook Group, or here at our home on the web for some of the exciting events and programs we have planned for 2016.

Keep hustlin’,

Brian Adoff