H+G #5 Video Recap

Video clips from Mike Dershowitz, Scott Messer, Byron Druss, and Dave Dean

H+G #5 Video Recap

Here are video clips from our four speakers. All videos courtesy of Branded Productions.

H+G Q&A Expert Session: Growth Strategies w/ Mike Dershowitz, CEO of ModSolar

Mike’s a heavyweight when it comes to fast growth and customer acquisition. With a measly $3,500 cash investment in 2011, Mike has since skyrocketed ModSolar to 230% year-over-year growth.Mike reveals all about the sales strategies that worked for him and his team, and those that didn’t.

H+G Quick Tip: Know Your Story w/ Byron Druss

Byron Druss, VP at InVizion, goes over the importance of knowing your sales story front and back and shares an awesome tip for creating a low-tech visual to explain your value prop to anyone you meet.


H+G ‘Trep Law: Legal Eagle Advice w/ David Dean

H+G’s lawyer-in-residence, David Dean, will drop some legal knowledge and tips for you to keep in mind as you grow your business. Thanks to Dave and his firm KHF for sponsoring this event.

H+G Action Session: How to Create a Referral Machine w/ Scott Messer of Sales Evolution

Everyone wants referrals yet top introductions are hard to get. Learn from Scott Messer the top secrets to generating a consistent stream of high-quality introductions and referrals—unless you really like cold calling!