H+G Meetup #4 — Leverage

We’re back with the 4th installment of Hustle+Grow.
And holy crap, this isn’t one to be missed.

Hustle+Grow Meetup #4 - Leverage

We’re back with the 4th installment of Hustle+Grow! 

And holy crap, this isn’t one to be missed.


For this H+G, we are offering a 100% bulletproof, money-back guarantee if you don’t walk out of here with the undeniable conviction—and roadmap—to do what it takes to grow your business.

On the Docket:

Q&A Action Session: Mike Dershowitz, CEO of ModSolar
UPDATE:  Unfortunately Mike has to reschedule his H+G appearance, but…

We’re thrilled to invite our good friend Pete Angevine, co-founder of Philly’s own Little Baby’s Ice Cream to join us for a fireside chat to talk about how to do what the others aren’t to stand out in an ultra-competitive field.

You probably know Little Baby’s from their inventive flavors and incredibly creative/creepy commercial that has over 10,000,000(!!) views on YouTube.
Little Baby’s recently rolled out ice cream pints to retail outlets and are expanding throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Pete’s ready to share how he got started and how he’s hustling now to grow his frozen dessert empire.
Pete Angevine

Photo: Kenneth Hilario, Philadelphia Business Journal


H+G Workshop: Shortcut Your Way to Growth By Using Leverage

“One of the biggest killers of young startups is simply an inability to tackle all of the work that needs to be done before the money runs out.” – Alex Turnbull, GrooveHQ

Starting and running your business is freaking tough. And your plate never seems big enough to fit everything on it (including the lunch you eat at your desk).

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could offload some of the things standing in your way from getting new customers?

Well guess what, you can. It’s called the act (and art) of leverage.

That’s leveraging what you got to get others to do things for you. And don’t worry, this is totally above the boards. In fact, it’s what most successful business do gain more traction.

Through collaborative brainstorming, this interactive workshop will bring to light the various ways you can leverage the ecosystem surrounding your business to remove some of the pain and mitigate risks. And in the end, grow your business faster.


A huge thanks to ArcWeb for hosting and supporting this event. (And for the pizza and beer!) Check them out at

This event is free but all who attend are required to be resilient in their entrepreneurial efforts and above all—take action.

This event will sell out. Reserve your spot now.

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Look forward to seeing you there and Keep On Hustling!

— Brian Adoff