Netflix vs. The Entrepreneur

How to battle the “call of Netflix”. And win.

Netflix versus the Entrepreneur

As you know, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely slog.

Especially those working a full-time job, caring for a family, and eeking out any spare time to work on your side hustle. Our attention and time are under constant attack.

One of the most formidable enemies of your time is Netflix (or insert your favorite streaming/cable service here). But seriously, Netflix, Amazon and even Hulu’s original programming just keeps getting better and better. (Even Mozart In The Jungle is supposed to be great!?)

You know you have work to do but with just a few button presses you can be wrapped in the comforting LED glow of your TV. Who wouldn’t want to be swept to far off worlds where P&Ls and payroll don’t matter?

So what’s a hustling entrepreneur to do in the face of such massive hurdles?

But you didn’t become an entrepreneur for ease and comfort. You had a calling—a desire to change something you think should be better—to create something new the world needs to know about.

You chose the path many of your friends and family haven’t for a reason. You decided to join the ranks of the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels.

So my advice to you when you feel “the call of Netflix” is to remember why you are doing this in the first place. Don’t be content to take the comfortable path—to accept the life you are supposed to have. The best thing about choosing the path of entrepreneurship is there are no pre-requisites and no limits. It’s open to everyone who has the will and relentless determination to take it. Those who take the leap get to earn the rewards.

You are an entrepreneur.

So turn off the TV and start acting like one.