Hustle+Grow Philly!

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Hustle+Grow Philly is a series of meetups, workshops and networking happy hours that take place in Philadelphia. We focus on teaching actionable sales and marketing skills to a community of dedicated entrepreneurs and hustlers.

The number one reason entrepreneurs fail is because they don’t have enough sales. In fact, it’s the only reason. Without sales all you’re left with is a (potentially) great idea that no one wants to buy. Sales is everything and all entrepereneurs are salespeople whether they like it or not.

You can’t get an MBA in Sales. There’s plenty of sales and marketing training and gurus out there, but no one true method to guarantee success. What you can acquire though are the tools and skills that make professional salespeople and marketers successful.

At Hustle+Grow, we engage each other with what’s working and what isn’t while building a sales and marketing toolkit specifically for the entrepreneur. We ask questions and uncover the roadblocks that many of us face while growing our companies. And finally, hold each other accountable to take action.

If you are a serious hustler dedicated to the success of your company (no wannapreneurs need apply) then come join one us at one of our future events.