This Is The Most Unique, Innovative, World-Class Blog Post, Ever

A public service announcement from your friends at Hustle+Grow

Blah Blah Blah

You are reading the leading blog post that is both uniquely comprehensive and purpose-built to provide you maximum efficiencies. This game-changing post relies on core competencies and bleeding-edge writing tactics. I also leveraged best-practices to create synergy and empower you, the reader. This is a true paradigm shift. And an out-of-the-box one at that.

Ok, seriously.

Stop using these “biz blab” words in your marketing and web copy. They don’t mean anything. They weaken your message. The only thing they succeed in is making you sound like everyone else.

So please, stop. Just write what you mean to say.

If you make it easy for your prospect to understand what you are selling by writing in a simple and direct manner something magical happens. They don’t ask as many (dumb) questions that you are sure you already answered for them. They become more decisive. And if you are selling the right thing to the right person at the right time, then maybe—just maybe you get the sale.